New CIRCLE graphic novel: Rosa and Carlos Get Married

CIRCLE has released a 16-page graphic novel that tells the story of a young couple, Rosa and Carlos, who are engaged to be married. Rosa’s mother, Ana, who is a nurse, and her friend, Amy, offer the couple advice about how to avoid environmental toxicants that may pose risks to the young couple before conception and during pregnancy, and how to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The fotonovela is available in both English and Spanish, online and in hard copy.  To download the graphic novel free, or for more information go to

Young adults and prospective parents are a key audience for messaging on how and why avoidance of toxic exposures, good nutrition, regular exercise, positive social interaction, and stress reduction can help create the conditions for health across the lifespan for themselves and for future children. “Rosa and Carlos get Married” was developed to create awareness of the role of pre-conception and prenatal environmental influences on health. The graphic novel suggests positive actions young people can take to live healthier lives and maximize the health of future generations.

The publication is a project of the CIRCLE Community Outreach and Translation Core in partnership with the Western States Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit at UCSF and Commonweal, a nonprofit health and environment institute.

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